The FaithFit Team

Mission Statement: We will lead and train others to live a spiritually and physically disciplined life through the power of Christ by coming alongside our teammates to equip, challenge, and encourage as we strive together in pursuit of perfection.

Vision Statement: To see people turn their whole lives to Christ as they become physically and spiritually disciplined, truly being wholly fit, so that they are able to carry out God's purpose effectively and completely reflecting the glory of God.

Nate Rath

Nate Rath

At age 18 Nate discovered a passion for running and endurance sports and has never looked back. He competed in collegiate athletics at Syracuse University and has continued competing by running track, road races, obstacle and trail races, triathlons, and duathlons. He had the opportunity to represent Team USA in 2010 and 2011, and looks forward to what lies ahead. Nate is married to his wife, Sandy, and is blessed to have three beautiful and unique children: Magdalyn, Asher, and Abigail.

Nate has a passion to live his life to the fullest because he almost never lived to see his first 24 hours of life. Due to complications during labor, he was born not breathing. Placed on oxygen immediately, the nurses waited to see if he would survive the night. Nate took one breath by himself which was enough to keep him on the respirator and transported 180 miles via helicopter to the nearest children's hospital. The battle for life lasted nearly three months before he was finally released from the hospital. Though he managed to survive his birth, his doctors informed his mother that he would more than likely never walk. Clearly, God had other plans. Nate not only walks, he lives to run. He does not take any aspect of his relationship with God lightly.

While he has always loved being active, he never fully grasped the entire meaning and reasoning behind the exercise. For many years his mentality was to try to excel at something so that he could show others how great he could be, but he quickly came to realize that being active was about taking care of God's temple. He found that exercise could act as an offering to God. From this new perspective he became a more disciplined person, and began helping guide others to do the same.

Nate is confident that God's will for his life is to show people the importance of physical discipline and that living healthy is a mark of spiritual maturity. He has a Masters of Divinity from Phoenix Seminary and a genuine passion for helping and guiding people to be disciplined with the ultimate goal of living a congruent and consistent spiritual life so others may also be drawn to God.

Charles Hursh

Charles Hursh

Charles was not always a runner, this is all somewhat new. It all started with a series of adverse health updates, not the least of which was the fact that he was pre-diabetic. Additionally were the disturbing pictures from his honeymoon spent with Linda in Hawaii. He was significantly overweight and knew he needed to do something about it.

So, this is where the journey began for Charles. He was in graduate school at the time pursuing a MA in Counseling at Northern Arizona University, and a class assignment was to engage in a personal growth project. The professor gave some suggestions based upon what students had done in the past, one of which was to run a marathon. Charles said, “I’m not sure why that one stood out, but I knew that was what I wanted to do.” He started to train in September of 2008 for the 2009 P. F. Chang’s Rock-n-Roll Marathon, and he will tell you the four month training plan is not advisable, but he accomplished it. The goal of that first marathon was simply to finish it, he did in 4:28. Sure that is no comparison to the pros, but the goal was not to be a pro, that goal was to finish it and get in shape.

In the coming years some amazing things happened, he lost a total of 50 lbs, got faster, a lot faster, and even ran cross country for Gateway Community College (Mt. SAC Meet pictured above). In addition to all the running goals, he experienced an awakening in faith too, this truly is the greater goal and gift, through a faith community in running and endurance sports. That community is the FCA Endurance community in Phoenix ( He is truly passionate about his sport and about his faith, and wants the same for all those in the endurance sports community and in our faith communities. He believes we can get healthier as a country and community, and we can reverse our negative health trend and stop the epidemic of obesity.